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The Druid Guide
Other Class Guides Druid Hunter Mage Paladin Priest Rogue Shaman Warrior Warlock

The Druid Class is available to these Races.

Night Elf, and Tauren.

Blizzard's Class Description:

"Druids are the keepers of the world. Locked in slumber for generations, they awoke to meet the threat of the Burning Legion during its recent invasion. After Archimonde's defeat, the Druids chose to remain in the waking world and help to rebuild their shattered lands. The Legion's attack left a terrible scar on the natural order, and the Druids seek to heal it." Blizzard

Shadows Edge Class Description:

The shape shifter.

Class Skills

  • Unknown
Shapeshifting Shapeshifting
Druids can assume a variety of animal forms to aid them in both travel and combat. The Night Saber panther and Storm Crow are just two of the shapes Druids will be able to assume.
Rejuvination Rejuvination
In keeping with the Druids' philosophy to restore and regenerate the world, they have the ability to rejuvenate their allies. This ability restores health over time to any wounded being.
Faerie Fire Faerie Fire
Druids can envelop their enemies with a supernatural glow, making them easier to see and attack.
Beast Rage Beast Rage
Probably a beserk attack while in shapeshift mode.
Maul Maul
A melee attack while in bear form.
Swipe Swipe
Another melee attack while in bear form.
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